Online food delivery done differently

Slotheroo is food delivery, done differently!

Hey Product Hunters! We are super exited to be launching Slotheroo today, it's been almost 10 years in the making. We believe there is a gap in the market for a new food delivery service on the block, one that not only challenges but disrupts the big four of UberEats, Deliveroo, JustEat and HungryHouse. While the on-demand generation craves convenience at the click of a button, we say ‘NO. JUST WAIT’. At Slotheroo we truly believe slow and steady wins the race. Whilst our competitors are battling to bring you food the fastest, we know you're sick of on demand delivery. There is an imminent cultural shift waiting to happen in today’s society because in a world poor on time and space, life is simply too short for fast food. #DontHateTheWait
I often find training myself to have patience by bringing in artificial delays or mini-brain challenges super useful. Slotheroo looks like it's nailing it on that. Another 🔑 benefit: weightloss. You'll lose weight in no time with this app. Congrats on the launch team. The execution here is super nice 😉
@fredrivett thanks Fred! Our beta testers have shown considerable weight loss and increased patience 🙏🏻
@fredrivett thanks Fred. We have discussed partnering with a Mindfulness app or similar - 'meditate while you wait' really ties in with Slotheroo's USP.
Congratulations!!☺️ But what if someone is really very hungry and can't wait?
I'm laughing out loud😂 Literally every service here, in Ukraine, delivers the same way😄 anyways, it's a nice job you've done. Like the icon👍🏻
@yana_polulyah haha, glad you like it! 👌🏻
I am a bit confused. What is the value behind the food being brought slower? =)
@alina_karnaukh we built Slotheroo because we truly believe that the modern generation wants an alternative to the 'on-demand' delivery service model. People spend their lives rushing around and needing everything now. Slotheroo encourages you to be patient and live life in the slow #donthatethewait