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That video rules.
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Hey! I made this app with my friend Deepak. And thats my dumb weird video. Ask me any questions you have!
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@willw you're killing it bro!! so good!
@orteipps Nah that's by me. But obviously Adam is my guiding star.
@willw Quick Q: any fresh thoughts on Ted Danson or have I successfully beaten that joke deep into the ground?
Trump Kitty and I were playing around with Slide around the office -- it's pretty awesome. Nice work @ilikepants & @willw!
@nivo0o0 Sweet - thanks Niv! Getting lots of light is the key to making great slides and the key to the well-being of your kitten.
@ilikepants the phone is there for the flash :)
any plans to allow it to slide a bit further to make it more 3d?
@davidiwanow Here's a tip, David: you can use the speed that you slide your phone at to create a more dramatic effect. Slow for something more subtle, or fast for something intense. All you need is a healthy amount of light in your scene.
Flippin' rad!
@dancounsell Thank you! Your apps are rad too, Dan.