Plane ambient sounds to fall asleep ✈️

SleepJet ✈️ is an ambient plane sound simulator to help you fall asleep.

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4 Reviews5.0/5

You need to use it to know how real it all sounds.


Sounds like you're actually sitting in a plane if you have headphones on


Need mobile apps 🙏

I love this 😍 Where do you get the sounds from @celestinmeunier? ✈️
Thank you @amrith ! 😄 For the various cabin sounds, beeps, chatters etc. I simply combined stock sounds. The air/wind sounds were actually made by layering different Colored Noises ( until getting a satisfying result! Glad you enjoyed it 🎉
Hi Célestin! Good work on SleepJet. When do you launch it on iOS? (You should update your twitter handle on PH + website)
Thank you @yesnoornext ! It's hard to give an ETA at the moment, but it's planned 😉 I was not able to find how to update the handle on PH, but I did it on my website! Anyways, you can find me there: Cheers! 🙏
Love it, sounds pretty real! But the switched-on state of the button actually looks like it's crashing? I think the button should represent landing(off) and take-off(on), don't you think?
@ljedwin Totally agree with this!
Doesn't work on Chrome for me 😞
@ivanisawesome very sorry to hear that. Did you try clicking on the logo in the top-left? Cheers from Berlin
@celestinmeunier - that worked! It was not obvious at all that there is an on/off switch here. I would never have though on clicking the logo.
@ivanisawesome since autoplay policies changed (, I had to add an interaction in order to get the sounds to play. Still wanted to keep it low key though... (too low-key then?) 😄 Thanks for the feedback anyways! 🙌