Sleep Watch

AI-powered, personalized insights about your sleep.

#5 Product of the DaySeptember 15, 2017

Track sleep with your Apple Watch automatically. No buttons to press. Just wear your Watch to bed and wake up to AI-powered, personalized insights about your sleep. Automatically log your data and follow your sleep trends with powerful charting tools.

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7 Reviews5.0/5
Sounds cool. Just skeptical of any apps I've never heard of that I have to pay to try.
In my opinion, this app is not worth paying. Cause on Android there is similar tracker installed on the phone already (although not sure about iPhone). However, overall idea to use sleep tracker in clock is dope.
Looks dope but as it’s stated on the website: “available in select countries”. I really don’t understand why the app is not yet available in other countries after so long..
It sounds interesting, but my watch doesn't usually last more than a day with normal use. Usually, I charge it at night.
@sebastianingino I put my watch on to charge when I'm getting ready for bed and then put it back on before I go to sleep. Seems to work well and I keep a full charge.
It's only $3. Worth trying for that. I wonder how it compares to AutoSleep.