Sleep well and never feel tired again (for real) 😴

🤓We calculate your local sunrise time and your sleep cycles
😴You go to sleep at one of the times we suggest
🤩You wake up at the sunrise, refreshed and ready to take over the world
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Hey makers, The best way to wake up is to let the sunrise wake you up. But there's a catch – if sunrise wakes you up when you're in the middle of your sleeping cycle, you're guaranteed to wake up tired. Sleeep prevents it. We precisely calculate your local sunrise time based on your location (don't worry, we don't even have a database. We are 100% open source) and align it with your sleeping cycles while also considering the time you need to actually fall asleep to give you three different times to go to sleep at. If you go to sleep at one of the times we suggest, the sunrise will wake you up exactly between your sleeping cycles – the best time to be awaken. So you're guaranteed to wake up refreshed, ready to take over the world 🤩 I've been testing this hypothesis for the last three months and it seems to work just perfectly. Now I can wake up with the sunrise at 6:30am and feel super-refreshed. I'm always here for your feedback and suggestions. Enjoy 💖
@uyouthe This app is really cool! I love it. I want to wake up at 6:30 though, not with sunrise at 07:45. Would be nice to have a setting for that :)
@lucas_hogendoorn thanks! remember it's not an alarm clock, it just suggests you a time. So feel free to set an alarm to whenever you'd like :)
@uyouthe Hey Miloslav what do you suggest for people like students who it isn't feasible to go to sleep at the same time everyday?
@aaron_d hi! First of all, Sleeep doesn’t make you go to sleep at the same time – the sunrise slowly shifts by roughly two minutes a day, so does your bedtime. I’d suggest apps like Sleepytime which can calculate when should you go to bed depending on when should you wake up. You’ll need a blackout curtains for sunrise not to interrupt your sleep. You’ll also need an alarm clock because no more sunrise. Artificial sunrise alarm would be perfect.
I hope it should improve my sleep. Great service!
What's your approach to healthy sleep?
Apps: Sleepytime, Sleeep and others
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I don't care much to be honest
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@uyouthe for me it's all about consistency. I try to go to bed at the same time (at least on weekdays but often on weekends as well).
@rrhoover this works fine too, but it may be really hard for a no-schedule folks to wake up on winters when it's still dark outside in the morning :)
Hey, this is really cool, I'm gonna try it out !
I like this idea! I share what Ryan said, I always wake up at the same time, regardless of what time I go to bed. Works much better than waking up at random times for me.
@obed_marquez_parlapiano Thanks for your comment! I tried that too but in summer sunrise wakes me much earlier than my usual wake up time. So the times in Sleeep aren't random – they're tied to the sunrise in your area so it wakes you up exactly when you need it. I think you have to own blackout curtains to wake up at the same time every day even in summer :)
@uyouthe Haha yeah, you need good curtains :) I wake up at 6:30am every day so it's not really a problem, that's when the sun is rising in summer so it aligns nicely with that too!