A collection of some of the best Slack Bots

#5 Product of the DayJune 30, 2015
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The Rise of the Bot Nation on Slack. This is a trend and we are going to see more and more bots and Slack-First companies coming to slack. I hope everyone enjoys the list and share their SlackBots! :)
Hi! Thanks for the hunt :) You may want to know why this SlackBotList, so this is a brief explanation shared on Medium: Thanks for your comments and feedback!
Gosh its like the rebirth of IRC and BOTS.... just with a wicked UI and mobile active!
this is cool! what are next steps?
@angeladopter Hey! Any ideas? We built this on a weekend because we have just launched and we were looking for more slackbots. We saw that many people on Twitter and HN were asking about other Slackbots... so... @angiecois and me builded the list and the product in 24 hours using the amazing Telescope from @sachagreif
Good idea! Added to my tongue-in-cheek Collections Collection
@staringispolite Thanks a lot for adding it! :) Great Collection!