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Hey, Product Hunt! Message Menus are clickable dropdown menus that bring a new level of interactivity to our platform, helping teams bring more nuanced workflows into Slack. Here's the blog post with details: https://slackhq.com/take-your-pi... Over a dozen apps in our app directory use message menus already, including SurveyMonkey, Front, Lever and a bunch more. https://slack.com/apps/category/... We'll be around today answering any questions you have here, and we’re also hosting an AMA tomorrow about all things Slack platform. Ask us hard questions! https://www.producthunt.com/live...
@buster nice!!
@buster @danreich this new feature is a game-changer for Developers. We're thrilled to be building on interactive menus here @troops and can't wait to see all the cool applications that this facilitates
@buster great stuff. This is super-useful for @pingpad. Would be great to add an option for a text entry field in the future.
@ross @pingpad I agree. :)
@buster we've been all over message menus at @polly...it's drastically improved the UX across so many of our core scenarios. For any devs that needs ideas, here's how we've lit up msg menus: https://www.polly.ai/blog/2017/0...
Great job team! To-do bot was part of the group of apps that got to integrate Message Menus for the release. They are super easy to add to your own app. This is how we did it https://medium.com/to-do-bot/man...
Really interesting for integrations and developers! Good job Slack
Awesome work! Memo.AI was also part of the early release for Slack’s new Message Menus feature. We’ve written about how it’s now *much* easier to use our Slack app and shared some technical details behind the implementation: https://blog.memo.ai/10x-your-sl...
Hey this is awesome! Definitely like the channel selection use case. Is it possible to have "create a channel" or something of the like in the channel dropdown?