Slack Jira Integration

Easily keep issues moving right from Slack

Jira Integration Plus for Slack supercharges the speed at which you create, assign, and transition work in Jira—without ever leaving Slack.

The solution works for Jira Server and Cloud and a one time setup process enables the integration for all of your channels.

Get more done in Slack with Jira Integration+

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👋Hi ProductHunters! If you use Jira to keep things organized and Slack to communicate I think we have something you will want to check out. Unlike the simplistic integrations offered by Slack and Atlassian our product has always been about doing more and providing features that help you save time and ultimately money. It's clear by the over 7,500 Slack teams that have used our bot that teams believe that a tight integration will help move their day forward. We asked our existing customers and today we are releasing three major updates based on user feedback. What's New: - Notifications: configure your channels to get notified when things change in Jira - Quick Create: set default project + issue type for crazy fast issue creation - Mentions: get notified in Slack when you are mentioned in Jira These new features along with existing capabilities make for what I hope is a useful solution. Give it a try for free and let me know your feedback! Check it out at Mike

- Love how easy it is to setup. Literally just a one-click install.

- It's nice that it finds issues within a paragraph, such as "I was working on PROJ-134 today and its going to be tough..." and it pull in the ticket below

- Creating tasks is really easy inline and allows the whole team to see the newly created task

- Instead of being the sole admin creating crazy webhooks to customize integration with Slack, I can now let our own team run `jira configure` and they can setup their Slack notifications as they see fit.


- Simple to setup and use. Never had any reliability issues. The team seems dedicated to building an awesome platform.


- I wish they would use the Slack "action" button to right click a message to create a new JIRA ticket

Hey Brian - thanks for being a customer and the positive feedback. The release today creates the foundation for actions because we have a default project and type so we can add a “create issue...” action. Look for that feature coming soon!
Really would love to implement this with our team. But the issue is we have tickets and feedback coming from many people in the company, not just JIRA users. So I wish there was a way to create or interact on a JIRA issue as a user, rather than having the integration's use only limited to those with JIRA licenses. We don't want to have to pay for hundreds of JIRA licenses when the vast majority of employees would only use the JIRA integration for submitting new product bugs or ideas--but not managing workflow on JIRA. Please add feature to create issue as a particular JIRA user!
@chuck_hattemer Thanks for the feedback! The idea of "create as user" is on our radar and we will look at adding that to the upcoming Slack "action" button we are planning to release soon. We will add a field in the quick create config to allow you to set a default user.
@mikeduff Awesome, thank you! Will stay tuned for the update.
@chuck_hattemer Great, we will setup a coming soon page via PH Ship to get a list of those interested and some beta feedback.
I love it already...been looking for an easier way for developers to use Jira without looking like a burden. Thank you @nextupai.
@thegracesamuel Thanks! We love when out bot provides value and glad to hear it's going well so far! 👍
Such a user friendly platform. Loved the design.