Slack Customer Stories

Interviews w/ Slack customers about how they use Slack.

Really cool @mathowie !! Are these ongoing? Do people reach out to be added? What do you plan on doing with this? I think it would make for a very interesting e-book someday ;)
@mathowie spent months interviewing Slack customers to discuss how Slack has changed the way they work....really interesting.
Slack is growing like crazy. I was so shocked the other day. When my little cousin, that is in high school. Told me they use Slack all the time for there study groups. Once it hits high schoolers it becomes a unicorn 🦄
@mathowie This is really nice! At Sup, we're using Slack to talk directly with our users, which gives us uniquely awesome feedback from awesome people. We also use it to send funny GIFs to each other (obviously).
This is really cool. Also love the survey-results way of selling the upsides of Slack. Nothing beats data! :)