Slaask Video Chat and Screensharing

Talking face-to-face with your customers. Right from Slack.

Hi guys! As you may already know, here at (the customer service app for all Slack users) we love challenges. That's why, in recent days, we've been looking into how we can embed (in addition to our Emoticon, Any-Attachment and Screenshot sharing features) two new features into the Slaask product: * Video Chat and * Screensharing Even better, we wanted to set this up for you so that there was no installation required: neither for your Slack team nor for your leads or customers. Today, this amazing vision has become a reality as we are all set to release these two specific features. And let's be honest, as you'll be sure to experience for yourself, our new exclusive customer Video Chat and customer Screensharing features are working quite well indeed (we've made sure of it!) The icing on the cake: to enjoy these new features, the only thing your Slack team or your leads and customers will need is a web browser. And any web browser will do the job. As good news tends to come in company, we'll just mention one more thing that will hopefully brighten your day: this amazing feature comes free of any additional charge for all Slaask users! Customer Video Chat and customer Screensharing is now just a normal part of our all-inclusive product. Plain and simple. So. What are we waiting for? Let's change the world together. Slaask The customer service app for all Slack users.
This is an awsome feature. Exactly what we needed to help our customer setup our device in their home!!! Thanks Slaask
@phareall you are very welcome! Let us know if you have any specific question! :) Our team is live-available for you on our website!
Hi Alexis, this looks like an awesome product, congrats! I was wondering whether it's possible to build cohorts and follow up on accounts like other customer messaging apps such as Intercom. Thanks!