Slaask for Mobile

A Slack integration to "Slack" with your mobile users.

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Hi ProductHunt! Today we are thrilled to announce that you can now launch Slaask on iOS or Android mobile apps! If you have an iOS app and/or an Android app in addition to a website, you’ll be quite pleased to learn that Slaask works like a charm for all three. What’s the value of launching Slaask on your mobile app? * Your leads and customers can reach you directly from your own iOS/Android app. With a shorter response time, you’ll gain higher customer satisfaction and higher conversion rates! * Your customer communication will be unified — whether coming from Slack, your site, or your iOS or Android mobile app, you’ll be glad to have your internal and external communication channeled through Slack. * Users spend more time on their smartphones than on traditional desktops, and this trend is only moving towards the mobile. Go with the flow, not against it by launching Slaask in your native mobile app! As usual, our team is available anytime (24/5) for you at if you ever need help or if you have any questions! With love! <3 The Slaask team. The customer service app for all Slack users.
Hey there, looking good! I've been using Smooch in my app which allows me to do the same thing for free. What would you say is the main difference between your product and smooch, and why should I make the switch :)? Congrats on the launch guys!
@widawskij Thank you for your support, Jon. What a great question! :) Let's look at some of the main differences between Slaask and Smooch: * Slaask offers a 14-day free trial period to all those who would like to test out our service. After that, if the number of conversations you have through Slaask are < 10 or so per month then, in most cases, we can continue offering you Slaask at no charge :) * Our product is fully Slack-based and our team is hyper-specialized in all things Slack. * As a result, Slaask, which works for iOS app and/or Android app, in addition to your website, is much more integrated than Smooch. * You don't have to use any /sk-like command in order to chat with your leads or customers. You just have to use Slack in the same way that you are already using it with your fellow team members. * Slaask has no limits on "data retention." * Even if you use Slaask for free, we provide a 24/5 worldwide priority support with 180-second response time via live chat. * Our support is not "Basic" in any way, shape, or form--we provide real-time multilingual professional support. * Slaask starts at $16.94, more than 5 times lower than Smooch. * Our entire tech architecture focuses on the "Conversations" you have rather than the "Messages." We believe "Conversations" are a better unit. What are your thoughts on all that?
Awesome! What is the difference with the in-app messaging tool from Intercom in their Engage product?
@stanmassueras Thank you, Stan, for your enthusiasm and your question! First, you can bring all your team and customer communication together in one place: Slack. Then, here's what you can do with Slaask (in regards to Intercom's product, Engage): * Guide each new user, in real time, through the first steps of your web or mobile app. * Automatically send emails and notifications to people who drop off the conversation. * Show users how to be successful via targeted messages triggered by url, time, language, country, city, number of visits, or any other custom attribute you'd like. * Broadcast important news, drive feature use, and encourage in-app upgrades. * Track everything about your users. * Slaask starts at $16.94, more than 5 times lower than the Standard Engage Intercom price. I welcome you to check out this page to learn more about our features: Oh! Also, don't forget that you can do all of the above in addition to all the things you can already do with Slack! (cf ;) What are your thoughts on all that, Stan? Are you already using Slack?
Something awkward seemed to happen to the thumbnail compression? Lots of weird fragments :(
@bauermetal if you mean: here on PH, I guess it's the compression. We'll update it in a few minutes.