Explains what is going on during your flight in real time.

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Hi Product Hunters! I am the founder of SkyGuru. Besides, I am FAA and EASA licensed commercial pilot and a practicing fear of flying treatment specialist. I have taken up the cause of helping fearful fliers from all across the globe for the past 8 years. Over the course of work with anxious passengers, I came to the realization that what really helps in the moment is having an expert right there to offer support, calm nerves and explain what is going on during the entire flight process. So I built SkyGuru. The app is designed to support any passenger who experiences psychological discomfort while flying. SkyGuru helps them feel like someone is with them on the flight, watching out for them and helping them cope. SkyGuru acts like a pilot that sits next to the user and explains what is happening during the flight and what is expected next. This is the first app that merges mobile technology and professional aviation data to analyze flight processes. The beauty of SkyGuru is that it provides in-flight commentary (in Airplane mode) in real time. It keeps you abreast of the weather and explains how changes might affect the aircraft, warns about areas of turbulence and sheds light on various flight processes. Today we offer 1 trial flight for everyone who downloads the app. I hope you will try this app and share your comments and ideas how to make it better. Enjoy flying with SkyGuru, hope you like it! Alex
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@a_gervash as a pilot, this is awesome.
@travisweathers thank you so much , Travis . Nice to hear that from colleagues
@a_gervash I'm wondering if it works even while disconnected from the INTERNET. And also I was wondering if the best way to handle the fear of flying is to simply get someone to fall asleep.
SkyGuru is the app for travelers who experience anxiety while flying. It uses professional aviation data to analyze and make predictions on flight processes in real time in order to keep passengers in the loop and explain what is happening, right as it happens. SkyGuru developers claim to have tested the app’s performance on more than 730 test flights, and the system went through 670 different iterations. SkyGuru users have already landed safely on 3,600 flights in more than 60 countries around the world. SkyGuru is built on algorithms that continuously analyze flight data and use mathematical models to generate forecasts, which are then transformed into user-friendly advice and recommendations. To get the most accurate forecasts possible, SkyGuru uses information from the 7 previous flights and updates its weather predictions using professional aviation data. The app operates in airplane mode in-flight and updates its forecasts using your phone’s sensors: microphone, gyroscope, barometer, etc.
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@kwdinc Thank you for featuring us! Today everyone gets 1 free flight, so you are welcome to try it. We will be happy to hear your feedback!
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@kwdinc Thank you for featuring us! Today everyone gets 1 free flight, so all PH community can enjoy the app. We will be happy to hear your feedback!
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I wonder if this is going to help people deal with anxiety while flying or if it will just amplify it and make it worse?!
@bentossell Hi. As a pilot, psychologist and therapist with more than 7000 successfully treated people with fear of flying, i can tell you that it's a huge inflight assistance for those who suffer from this problem.
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@a_gervash PERFECT! That's shut me up 😊 I guess I was just thinking if my mate (who suffers from fear of flying quite badly) had a turbulence graph that he saw going up at a certain time, I think he'd panic even more. For that graph is there some sort of indicator saying "this is normal for flights" or something like that?
@bentossell That was not the idea to shut up ))) The product is a mix of aviation and psychology. Knowledge itself doesn't help a lot in case of fear of flying. That's why it uses a lot of psychological tools to calm anxious folks down. Generally, it predicts, comments and describes what is going in-flight but also provides a lot of psychological support at the points, when nobody can provide it.
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@a_gervash haha I know but was great to see that you are coming from a very informed place! Ahh I see. Awesome!
@bentossell Thank you , Ben
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Amazing. I am not all that worried about flying, but knowledge is power. It's one thing driving down the road and getting rattled by a pothole that I've seen approaching for a while, quite another thing to be surprised by some rough air.
@andreasduess thank you very much , indeed , the knowledge is important as it prevents fantasies. And if this knowledge is provided at the right time and uses right calming down language - it helps people to improve their flying experience.
@andreasduess thanks, Andreas!
Just downloaded, for holiday flights.
@mikeway3 cool, have a great flight!