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Sandi Lin
Sandi Lin@sandislin · CEO, Skilljar
I'm Sandi Lin, the founder of Skilljar. There's been a few online course products on Product Hunt lately so I wanted to share our story as well! We originally started as a search engine for online classes, but instructors kept asking us how they could take back control of their businesses and self-host their own classes. After dozens of requests, we decided to listen to our customers and give them what they wanted ☺ Over the last few months, we’ve launched courses from fitness to leadership to software. We are working with some top brands in each category (though I can’t disclose who they are without their permission). It’s so exciting to help these content creators bring their expertise online and connect with new students. Our team came from and is based in Seattle, WA. For more information, check out, and I’ll be answering questions here as well! Sandi P.S. Product Hunt's very own Ryan Hoover is a contributor to an awesome new book Hooked – the e-course is delivered through our platform (
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Welcome, @sandislin! I didn't realize @nireyal was using Skilljar for that. Rad! Are you seeing certain types of content creators (e.g. fitness, coding, design) more attracted to this platform to distribute and package their content?
Sandi Lin
Sandi Lin@sandislin · CEO, Skilljar
Thanks @rrhoover! I think we appeal especially to professional organizations (and trainers that provide services to professional organizations). We have a polished look to our product and have corporate-friendly features. There is a wide variety of topics so it's hard to say whether there is a particular trend. Some instructors in the software space do like the fact that we support full HTML for text lessons, markup, and embed codes - it makes our platform very flexible. Sandi