Sketch The Ripper

Rip and share .sketch files on any OS in one click 💎

Sketch.The.Ripper shows the contents of any .sketch file: artboards, symbols, and text.

It's useful for HTML coding. Unlike complicated tools like Zeplin, Avocode, and Lunacy, it rips the files quickly, showing all the context that it finds useful. And it's completely free.

Example of a ripped file:

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Following Lunacy, free Windows editor for .sketch files, we hurry to share another helpful tool for designers and developers. Sketch.The. Ripper: - rips off the contents of the sketch file extracting all the valuable information - works online from any browser on any operating system - provides all the screens, copy and raster images from all the artboards in the ripped file What else is worth mentioning: - When users click on the text, all of it is selected as one block to make its transfer to code faster - When users hover over the text block, they can see the font, color, and size used for it in design - Clicking the raster image, users get it opened separately with a unique URL link. It may be added directly to the code. Let us know what you think. Are there other features you would like to see added?
@visualpharm Great tool! I would like to see an API to automatize the extraction of contents.
@jkleroy great idea to pivot our tiny spin-off. Anybody else interested? Anything like Figma Plataform for Sketch - does it have a market?
Hey! Awesome stuff. One thing though — it doesn't seem to be "ripping" symbols (symbols don't show up at all), and most Sketch users I know use symbols quite often. Not sure if the team is aware of this issue, and thought it was worth bringing up. Otherwise, great job! :)
@jayhxmo Thank you for the feedback. Now when users upload files we’ve noticed such problem. We think we will be able to fix it soon. It would be awesome if you could send us a link to your file.

The Icons8 team never stops sharing free useful stuff to make the process of design and development productive. Cool to see another one here, it's easy to use even for non-designers like me. Keep rocking, guys!


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Great work @visualpharm & team I am looking forward to trying it out! What was the most challenging part of building this?
@3raxton the font hell. First we thought we're going to install a bunch of fonts on our server and call it a day. Then, we realized there're too many, and those that we have we place either high or low. It's ok for most elements, but the buttons look awful. Moreover, sometimes the label becomes a little wider on Windows resulting split on an extra line. Awful. We were ready with the basic part in December, but we have to tune it until now. Thanks for the great question!
Damn! That's a useful one, congrats on launching it guys 👊
@matthieudeluze you're welcome :-)