Skeleton Party

Express yourself through the medium of dancing skeletons

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Skeleton Party is an iOS sticker pack featuring poorly animated dancing skeletons.

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Luke Beard
Luke Beard@lukesbeard · Designer co-founder @exposure
This is terrible, I love it.
Jon Wheatley
Jon WheatleyMaker@jon · CEO,
This was a very fun project to work on! If anyone is interested I made a video about how this monstrosity came to be.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
RETRO. This reminds me of the visuals Giraffage uses at his shows.
Jeff Andersen
Jeff Andersen@jeffandersen · Co-founder @ManifoldCo
How long before Snapchat or Instagram rip these off?
Jon Wheatley
Jon WheatleyMaker@jon · CEO,
@jeffandersen I’m ready to lawyer up if they do
Cameron Rohani
Cameron RohaniPro@cameronrohani
Sometimes I get emotional over products. Today Skeleton Party has made me emotional.