Siva Atom

Charge your devices while pedaling your bike

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Super cool! I'm curious how fast it charges compared to a typical power outlet. cc'ing some of my cycling friends, @staringispolite, @machinehuman, @corleyh, @lukasfittl, @andreasklinger
@rrhoover At first glance, seems expensive, though the value may certainly justify the price. Would love to hear more about both how it works (where each part attaches, how fast it charges itself, how fast it charges devices, etc) and how it differentiates from other bike-axel/bike-tire power sources. I love the idea of "eco-power", just probably not $100 worth of love :) Especially considering these devices don't draw that much power to begin with. You can power an iPad for a year on a dollar or two. I currently carry a $17 battery pack with me on long rides that's light enough and has 10,000mAh fully charged - enough capacity for 5 full iphone charges.
Does this affect the peddling in any way?
@dylanjha From the site, it's "the equivalent of riding on 70PSI tires instead of 90, or riding up a 0.3% grade"
So old-school, this is awesome. I still remember riding a bike where you'd power the front-light with an equivalent system, and now you can power your phone. Neat!