Fix SEO and usability issues you didn't know you had lets you run a free website check. Analyze your website for SEO improvements and usability issues like meta tags, speed, security and duplicate content.

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Hey Hunters! I'm thrilled to share SiteGuru with you: an SEO and usability tool I've built recently. Creating and maintaining a website can be hard. I work at an internet agency and we launch new websites every week. It's impossible to keep track of all those websites, making sure they are user-friendly, technically OK and rank well in Google. Especially as sites grow over time. That's why I created it checks your website for SEO improvements, usability issues, and technical errors. It automatically crawls your website and finds the pages to analyze. The check includes: - Meta description and page titles: is there one on every page, and is it not too short or too long? - Duplicate content: are all your pages unique? - Semantic structure: do all your pages have a heading 1 and a logical semantic structure? - Security: does your site have an SSL certificate? - Is there a sitemap.xml, for faster indexing by Google? - Is there a favicon? - Does your server return the right error message if a page does not exist? - Does your page have OpenGraph tags to enable sharing on social networks? - Is your HTML valid? - Do all your images have alt tags? - Does your website scale correctly on mobile phones? - Does your page not use too many different javascript or CSS files? - Is the language defined? - Are there no meta tags blocking your website from being indexed? Oh, and instead of giving you long reports, it'll give you actionable tips to start improving right away. You can check just one page, or sign up to analyze your entire website. We'll also give you weekly overviews of how your sites are doing. It's free forever - up to 2 websites. The paid plans allow you to add even more websites. I would love to hear what you think! BTW: check out this report for PH: @rrhoover has some work to do;-)
@rrhoover @rickhaasteren I was thinking that you might have some work to do considering I've been stuck on "Check is running. 0 pages remaining" since the last 2 hours. How long does this take?
@rrhoover @faisal_hassanx hmm, that's not good. Normally it takes a few mins. I'll check and get back to you. Thanks for the heads up!
This logo is culturally appropriation.
@katja_ghost Hi Katja, I hope we didn't offend you with the logo. Would you say it's insulting?
@katja_ghost @rickhaasteren I don't think a specific culture owns the idea of sitting cross legged or flowers. These icons can be ripped right out of noun project so I think you're pretty safe here ;)
@katja_ghost @itsthisjustin That's what I was hoping. I guess after epic movies like The Love Guru (, there's no controversy around the word Guru:-)
Thanks for the upvotes and feedback everyone! I wrote a little blog about how it went after posting SiteGuru on PH:
I tried this out. good tips @rickhaasteren, will be implementing them. thanks!
@jeffrey_wyman Glad to hear that, enjoy!
Update: we're now also checking all your pages for broken links. Why? Because broken links suck, that's why. More on