Single Origin

Learn to brew specialty coffee ☕

Learn to brew specialty coffee.

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  • for gluten free peeps

    Great starter recipes for a variety of brew methods


    Can't log water temp or grind size. Both crucial aspects to how your coffee tastes

    When the brew ends, you can leave 'notes'. The problem is that when typing the notes the 'save' button is hidden (b/c keyboard covers it). After writing my review I hit the '<' arrow and lost my notes. Argh.

    ninjaPixel has used this product for one day.


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Jon SampMakerHiring@jonsamp · Software Engineer at Codecademy
I am obsessed with coffee. It has more tasting notes than wine, energizes you, and turns out to be a pretty healthy beverage. Brewing craft coffee is tricky. It requires math, timing, and attention to detail. It’s the kind of problem easily solved with an app, but I’ve found that existing coffee apps do not address these problems well. So, over the past two years, I’ve built and iterated on three separate coffee apps. Through time, I’ve learned a lot about what makes a great coffee app, and today I’d like to introduce Single Origin. It has many features to help you pour perfection every day. I can't wait to hear what you think!
Yosi Dahan@yosid · Co-Founder & CEO @ ProveSource
@jonsamp Awesome app!
Ryan Guinee@rwguinee · Brand Manager, Bespoke Digital Ventures
Android version soon?
Jon SampMakerHiring@jonsamp · Software Engineer at Codecademy
@rwguinee yes! I am working on it currently.
Steve Messer@stevenjmesser · Product Manager
Excited to try this tomorrow!
Steve Messer@stevenjmesser · Product Manager
I'm not sure what I've been doing wrong the past 2 years, but my coffee tastes *much* better after following Single Origin. Thanks so much, @jonsamp!
Jon SampMakerHiring@jonsamp · Software Engineer at Codecademy
@stevenjmesser that makes my day!!