Super clean and minimalistic devices' mockup collection with awesome customization features and huge resolution. Shadows and reflections in each device are in separate layers, which allows you to change the color of objects and accurately adjust lighting.

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I'm a simple man. I see cool mockups I upvote.
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@jabadhid lol love ur attitude!
@jabadhid Just like us. We have a good idea - we bring it to life! 👌 Thanks, Julián :)
@jabadhid a quote to live by!
Hello there everyone :) We've launched Simple Mockups pack to make your after-holidays period much better! Plus, all PHunters get a 30% discount 👌 (just use coupon code PH). These Laptop, Tablet, Watch and Phone Mockups are neat, customizable and super high-quality. Enjoy and share! Big thanks to @kwdinc for hunting us again! Appreciated 😊
@kwdinc @kaakamakaaka Hi!! I am very interested in the product. I cannot find where the CHANGE THIS is in photoshop at all. Can you tell me where this is or if its is called something else. My magic mirror isn't working and they aren't responding to my inquest for tech help. I would purchase this if I had an idea of how to make it work.
I just recently was looking for device mockups. These look awesome!👍 However, I was not able to see from the example previews if android phone mockups are available in the pack. Do you include them as well or only iphone mockups are available at the moment?
@rusty_td Thank you. There only one device has ‘ears' like the iPhone X, the other devices we tried to make universal. No binding to the brand to be used for different needs
@ruslan_latypov My mistake. I thought that the round button at the bottom of the other phone mockup is typical to iphones only. Thanks! :)
@rusty_td same here. We need android device mockups for our product previews. @ruslan_latypov please make fews for android device. Thanks
Great job !! Is this helpful for non techie or non designer who doesn’t possess these skills and is it an standalone app ??😊
@ayush_chandra Thank you. No, unfortunately, that works only with Sketch app or Photoshop :(
BUY! Although I had an issue with Paypal just not completing the purchase it seems. Tried twice so had to swap to paying by card instead so hopefully don't get charged £90 for 3 buys 😂 Payment is through Gumroad so must be there side but might be worth double checking there's no conflict when trying to pay with Paypal like I had twice.
@adammydesign As I understood, some PayPal purchases aren't going through on Gumroad side. Can you please send me your email, I will check how many purchases you have, and refund if you have extra purchases
@lstore @ruslan_latypov Just sent an email. Thanks :)