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Hi everyone, I’m Yunha, the founder of Simple Habit. Following Simple Habit's iOS launch in June, we’ve grown fast and are excited to announce our release on web! We hope this gives more people access to top meditations from the world’s leading teachers - anytime and anywhere. These past few months, users have told us how much they’ve loved our quick, 5-minute meditations. With Simple Habit for web, meditation is easier than ever for busy people, whether before a meeting, during a work break, or with a cup of coffee in the morning. I hope you can meditate away the stress from today's election! As always, I'd appreciate your feedback on our products! Thanks :)
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@yunhajkim I just took up meditation daily in the mornings. Trying to get more in the habit of meditating throughout the day so this is perfect timing. Any pricing plans?
@davidsfeng Hey David! Thanks for reaching out. We’ve got monthly and yearly subscription plans ($11.99/mo and $99.99/yr) that give users unlimited access to all of our meditation content. That being said, we follow a freemium model that allows users to explore the app before they decide to upgrade to premium content, which includes meditations for entrepreneurs, meditations for engineers, enhance your workflow, etc.
@yunhajkim Just signed up. Great audio quality and Kay's voice is super calming :)
@yunhajkim Why am I forced to give you my details to see how it works? Sorry if i missed a link as im on an iphone 5
Looks like a very clean and clear product. Curious...how is this different than HeadSpace?
@jakeanderson919 The biggest difference is that Simple Habit is like Spotify for mindfulness. We curate and bring 50+ top meditation teachers from around the world on a single platform. This allows us to bring together a huge variety of situation-based and prescriptive content (e.g. meditations for engineers, meditation for leaders, meditation before a meeting, meditation for difficult conversation). You can also find a variety of mindfulness teachers, voices, and techniques.
@yunhajkim I like that: Spotify for mindfulness. I'll give it a try!
Congrats, looks pretty interesting, will give it a try!
How is this different to the previous post? @calialec @yunhajkim
@bentossell @calialec @yunhajkim It looks like this includes the Android and web apps. The previous post links to the iOS apps. Perhaps Android and web were released after iOS?
@pburtchaell @bentossell @calialec @yunhajkim this is true. Yunha, maybe you want to edit the hunt title to be "Simple Habit, now for Web."