Simple Analytics

Simple, clean, and privacy-friendly analytics 📊


Simple Analytics gives you the analytics you need without invading the privacy of your users, with a clean interface, and simple integration.

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Loved the progress that Adrian has made & what Simple Analytics has come up too. I remember when the site was just 2 script tags & now it looks rad🔥

Congrats on the launch 🎉

PS: Loved the funny video 🤣


Simple, Easy to Setup, Clean Design, Public Stats, Contains only the metrics I check, GDPR friendly, Privacy Focused



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No more GDPR pop ups, yesssss!


Easy to install, clean UI and GDPR friendly. Nothing too fancy, great alternative to G analytics without the steep learning curve


Nothing bad to say at this point

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I use this for No CS Degree and I really like it's simplicity and privacy focus. I actually just interviewed the maker behind this on learning to code: