Silicon Moji

An emoji keyboard for Silicon Valley

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Nice, @_MaxDeutsch. Piece of feedback: would love to see more badass women and underrepresented folks included. It's nice to show that startups/tech, while not evenly distributed at all, is built by all kinds of folks. @helana's Techies Project does a great job of this.
@rrhoover agreed. Working on it
In the past few months, a bunch of emoji keyboards have launched, and I thought it would be fun to make one to celebrate/indulge/parody the culture of Silicon Valley. So, here it is: Silicon Moji, the Silicon Valley-themed emoji keyboard and app. Silicon Moji features dozens of your favorite tech founders, entrepreneurs, characters, and gadgets — in beautiful, high-quality emoji form — including Bitcoin, drones, virtual reality, self-driving cars, unicorns, “The Cloud”, and a bunch of others. If you have any ideas for new emojis, leave a comment! I plan to continually invest in new illustrations, so it would mean a lot if you could help support the project. I'm aware that there is very little diversity currently represented in the app. This is a problem beyond just Silicon Moji, but it is something I strive to improve on in upcoming versions (with the help of your suggestions). I look forward to hearing what emojis the PH community suggests... I'm totally open to any ideas. Hope you enjoy!
@_maxdeutsch why just for US store? 😞
@gabrielvaraljay It should be available in all countries... Where are you from?
@_maxdeutsch is there an ph kitty emoji ? :)
@andreasklinger not yet... But I'll add it to the list of suggestions
@_maxdeutsch I am not a lawyer; please talk to one asap – you cannot sell the likeness of anyone (who’s been alive in the last 70 years) without permission (you also seem to be selling copyrighted characters without permission):
Yeah, but where is the LaCroix?
Do you have permission from HBO to use Silicon Valley characters?
@minimaxir I'm not in contact with HBO in any capacity