Silicon Heroes

A graphic novel where entrepreneurs have superpowers!



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Joseph Floyd — Principal, Emergence Capital
Hey Everyone!

I'm the author of Silicon Heroes. I've been working on the graphic novel for 2+ years now and I'm really excited to launch the Indiegogo today. All profits from the Indiegogo campaign will be donated to Girls Who Code and so please check it out!

If anyone has any questions, please post them here and I'll answer when I can. In the meantime, here's a little more detail on the book:

- Silicon Heroes is an 80 page, full color graphic novel. The story follows five young tech workers (all but one are female or minority) who embark on a quest to discover their inner entrepreneurial superpowers.
- Silicon Heroes promotes entrepreneurs as positive role models. The story highlights 5 superpowers that map to the 5 behavioral characteristics of successful CEOs.
- Silicon Heroes promotes diversity. One major theme highlights the challenges faced by women and minorities in the workplace. The graphic novel medium enforces the inner strength of these characters by visually showing their triumph over challenges.
- Silicon Heroes supports future entrepreneurs. All profits from the Silicon Heroes Indiegogo will be donated to Girls Who Code and
- Silicon Heroes pokes fun at the strange little bubble *cough* magical world that is Silicon Valley.
Tam Pham — Community at Mixergy
@thejoefloyd Awesome! Great meeting you at Draper earlier this year, hope the best for your success with this :)
Hiten Shah — Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics & Quick Sprout
Startups + Super Heroes?! Count me in!
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