Silentmode is a powernap mask with immersive, high-end wireless audio and customised relaxation training through a 'Nap-iness' algorithm.

  • Nick Zieber
    Nick ZieberTech & Startups Community in Hong Kong

    Really cozy, comfortable, and the bluetooth audio works well


    Getting used to total blackout can be disorienting at first

    I first tested the prototype in Hong Kong and have to say it's an awesome product. It's probably one of those items you'll buy and carry on every flight you ever take.

    Nick Zieber has used this product for one day.
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  • Pros: 

    Comfortable, Sleek design, amazing audio


    None yet, looking forward to seeing future models

    Revolutionary product that will change the world of travel, productivity, and relaxation. Tried the prototype on the airplane and slept for 8 hours comfortably with amazing audio

    Rachel Altom-Wright has used this product for one month.
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Bradley Dowding Young
Bradley Dowding YoungMaker@bradleyisyoung · Founder @
Hey everyone, Bradley here one of the founders at Silentmode. After a work related breakdown due to stress, my co-founder and I decided to build a better solution to stress management in this crazy, modern world. Three years later we are changing the stigma attached to napping, yes naps! This natural habit can dramatically improve your wellbeing and generally improve your life when done correctly. Here to answer any questions and thanks PH, been waiting for this day for a while!
Bradley Dowding Young
Bradley Dowding YoungMaker@bradleyisyoung · Founder @
We are also offering PH community 12 months FREE Breathonics training. Just apply PHSM001 to your backers survey on Kickstarter. Thanks!
Joachim Fröstl
Joachim Fröstl@joggaf · Designer and occasional developer.
Looks like a great product! Active noise cancelling would be a great feature for this, which you surely considered. Would you mind to share why you decided against integrating it?
Bradley Dowding Young
Bradley Dowding YoungMaker@bradleyisyoung · Founder @
Hey @joggaf it's a great question. Real time polarisation of sound is expensive to the end consumer and we felt that the passive noise isolation we have already does a great job. We are working on an active cancellation version for 2018 which uses chipset algorithms instead of real time recording. This will be more cost effective for the end consumer but it's very new, we didn't want to over promise and under deliver.
Florian Simmendinger
Florian SimmendingerHiring@simmenfl · CEO, Soundbrenner
I pre-ordered mine already on Kickstarter. Looking forward to try it out on my flights
Michael I. Brooks
Michael I. Brooks@michaelibrooks · Community Coordinator, FGF
Really can't wait for this product to start shipping - looks fantastic. Any word on a Breathonic's app for Android in addition to the one for iOS?
Bradley Dowding Young
Bradley Dowding YoungMaker@bradleyisyoung · Founder @
@michaelibrooks Thanks! We are planning on having Android ready by the time we ship. In the meantime, you can start using FREE Breathonics content on Youtube.
I'd buy this immediately if it was available now. Post it again when it's ready to ship 👍
Bradley Dowding Young
Bradley Dowding YoungMaker@bradleyisyoung · Founder @
@highaced Will do! Kickstarter is your best price. Ships in 100 days.