Sign and Send

Sign a document online and have it physically sent

#2 Product of the DaySeptember 11, 2016
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I would be concerned about privacy. A very barebones site.
@donte_ll good point.
Interesting concept. It's surprisingly often I run into a situation where I can't use an online sign and save service. My bank for instance requires I FAX them everything. FAX!
@evankimbrell yeah, I've run into that too. Do you use HelloFax for those instances? I do, and I love it. Sign and Send actually uses the HelloSign (same company as HelloFax) API to do the signing.
@pw I've used HelloFax yes. It works alright
@evankimbrell but not thrilled with it?
Hi, everyone. I'm actually the creator of this, admittedly still very rough, product. I appreciate all the love. I didn't even realize someone had posted it here until I got an email about it. Would be happy to answer any questions.
@pw how much does it cost to have the document mailed?
@_jacksmith I'm just using Lob on the backend, so it costs me $0.95 per send plus $0.10 for each additional page. I really just built this for myself back during tax season, so I haven't given much thought to consumer pricing.
@pw so it's free for users at the moment?
Looks great. Can't wait to try.