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Software does not have to be complicated - it has to work and make life easier for the user. We took the YouTube player and placed it on all the sites you'll ever visit.  We know you watch a lot of YouTube videos, now you can be more productive while doing so. Let us know what you think. And on what sites are you going to use Sideplayer?
Perfect to watch tutorials and surf the web at the same time! Missing a keyboard shortcuts and HD quality.
@tristancelebi Thanks for the feedback! We’re going to add HD quality with the next update. We’ll also look into the keyboard shortcuts possibility.
Reminds me a bit of Helium. I like it
I can't undestand such products. May be because I can't watch video while I google something or watching facebook timeline.
@kidinsafe It’s really good for watching tutorials. If you want to learn WordPress, you can have a WP tutorial video playing right inside your WordPress site. You don’t have to switch between two tabs. Or if you’re chatting on Facebook. While your friends are not replying to you, you can watch YouTube while staying inside Facebook. And much more. We're sure you'll find some great ways to use Sideplayer if you try it.