Edit any webpage. Get short URL. Troll your friends!

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LOL, @nikitakorotaev! This may be my favorite product hunt ever. Time to troll...
Founder reporting for duty. Thanks for the share @staringispolite! @rrhoover That's a great compliment, thanks! Be sure to share your (public) creations on /r/shrturl :)
The site has been down for a few days because the hosting provider of SHRTURL's new owner wasn't very happy with the site sending over 150 emails per hour. We're now using Mandrill for emailing and are back in business for your trolling and professional needs!
You're welcome, @oscaralexander! What brought this about? What have been some of the better trolls you've seen? Care to share anything about how it works under the hood?
@oscaralexander Hahaha so simple but so good :) I wonder if it would be interesting to make a dashboard that shows the most-shared shrturls