Forcibly open a web page in your friend's browser.

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God, please let that tab open in the background!
So troll. Added to the Prank Products collection. 😁
@rrhoover Hmmm. Not sure I'd call it a prank product—there's no deception and both parties have to accept pre-shove.
@lanewinfield @rrhoover Is it just me, or does "Both parties have to accept pre-shove" seem incompatible with "forcibly open a webpage in your friend's browser"
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@staringispolite @rrhoover definitely a reasonable observation. It's a balance—you don't want to have anybody (i.e. true spammers) able to shove you. We take the "friend" in "forcibly open a webpage in your friend's browser" seriously, and thus the friend request acceptance is required! EDIT: And because I don't think I was super clear in my previous comment, when I say "both parties have to accept pre-shove" I mean they have to be friends on our platform first.
@lanewinfield @rrhoover How does shove differ from Pushbullet's built in option to add friends/contacts? (Besides a funny branding 😅)
@boettges maybe it's the same, but definitely marketed differently. 😀
Interesting product @lanewinfield . What are some use cases you've seen or would recommend new users to try?
@abe_storey Well, I would be lying if I said we didn't start this from a joke. But once we started testing with friends and coworkers, we found that it was actually very helpful. It's almost as helpful when you're right next to someone ("Take a look at this site that relates to what we're working on") as it is for friends ("check out this hilarious gif"). It's been funny to see people push public Google Docs where people chat back and forth within as well as using "messaging sites" like and to get a point across quickly.
Hmm interesting. I really like this from a sharing aspect - and do see its humorous origins. I can also see this being used in the classroom setting very well! 📓📚
Don dissed this as a joke just yet. Give me the option of a twitter style where @pmarca or @rrhoover can shove a new tab in my browser of something i should read