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Create GIF slides for social media in seconds


Shout is a tiny web app for making gif slides to share on social media in seconds. Add text, images and emoji. Create your first gif!

I've added image backgrounds thanks to some feedback. If you have any other suggestions, let me know here or on Twitter @gmph

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Tech enthusiast, future obsessed.

Shout can help you create simple GIFs from slides with options such as background color, background image and font style. It has been great and the font is well chosen. However, more options for images (like resizing or entering) would be much appreciated. :)


Simple and efficient!


...to simple?

Build well 🛠️

I really like this! It's super simple and relatively intuitive. Here's just a few things that I think would be cool:

- make re-ordering the cards obvious (with a "drag and drop" symbol in the top corner of each card maybe?)

- add in specific word formatting (it's possible to do this for ALL of the text on a given slide which is still pretty good)

- maybe include timers for each slide - making each slide appear for a specified length of time

Overall, I love it though! Definitely going to play with it and possibly even use it in some of my side project content.


Easy to use, simple


Re-ordering isn't immediately clear, no specific substring text formatting

Infrastructure guy. Skeptic. African.

Flashing lights and text is not for everybody, sure... but this one is so easy to use, it's worth a shot. Gonna see how this plays out on my webs.


forces you to consider your message better.


not avaiilable offline.

Ex-CDO @NYCgov @MetMuseum @Columbia

I see lots of potential here. Thanks, Graham. I am not sure how to share except via download. Was hoping I could share via the link, but it didn't work: blob:https://grahammacphee.com/8cefe7...


Works as advertised. Fun, simple, easy to understand.


On my laptop, couldn't figure out how to add emoji or resize pix or reorder frames.

Product Designer, Facebook
Thanks for all the feedback! You can drag frames up and down to reorder them. If you're on a Mac, add emoji with ctrl+cmd+space or copy and paste them in on Windows. Gifs are generated in your browser rather than hosted so you can download them then drag them into a Tweet or Facebook post to share them 😊
Looking for the best of the best

Would be good to have a send to button so you can send to your mobile phone ;-)


So easy to use! always wanted to create my own Gifs