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#3 Product of the DayJanuary 07, 2018

Shout is a tiny web app for making gif slides to share on social media in seconds. Add text, images and emoji. Create your first gif in seconds!

I've added image backgrounds thanks to some feedback. If you have any other suggestions, let me know here or on Twitter @gmph

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9 Reviews5.0/5
What a great little tool - just created a gif for my weekly show. Would love to have the ability to add an image without having to add an overlay of text if at all possible and would love to make square gifs too for social. You can see what I created here - I added some emoji too! Thanks for making this @gmph
@krishnade Thanks for the feedback Krishna! If you leave the text field blank it will show the image without any overlay in the final gif 😊 Some different sizes, like tall and square gifs would be interesting - great idea!
@gmph Thanks for confirming - it looked as though you would have to add text when I uploaded the image. really like the different fonts too. BTW as I wanted to also share it to Facebook as as they don't host directly the gif I converted it to an mp4 and it worked great! I have added you to my curations I I will certainly be sharing this with studients on my courses as a great way to create gifs on desktop
@gmph I've used the app again today and have a couple of other suggestions: - make it possible to add a slide between or at the beginning of a gif that you are creating - you might want to add another slide once you review what you have made and this would mean you did not have to start over - change the timing - could we speed up or slow down a gif - it is great to have a choice of colours to sleect from - if you could add a hex code option that would make it possible to select specific colours - as I mentioned previously I made a video from my gif for Facebook - you might want to add that as a feature at the end so people can download a gif and a video Hope this helps
@krishnade Thanks for all this feedback!
I love the simplicity - great MVP.🎉 Definitely going to test this out to create some creative ads. Wishlist: Google fonts, speed adjustments, templates.

Shout can help you create simple GIFs from slides with options such as background color, background image and font style. It has been great and the font is well chosen. However, more options for images (like resizing or entering) would be much appreciated. :)


Simple and efficient!

Cons: simple?

This is a really cool tool!
Cool app, easy to use. Maybe add a good example GIF made using this to the PH gallery above to make it clearer what a final product would look like?