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We’re super excited to launch Shopify’s first-ever in-house designed hardware - the Shopify Chip & Swipe reader! It’s an affordable solution with powerful features like wireless connectivity to sell anywehre, secure EMV chip technology and seamless integration between POS and your online store, powered by Shopify. The reader’s versatility meets the needs of merchants selling in person, whether it’s in store, or at a pop-up, festival, or market. Selling in person with Shopify has never been easier. Tell us what you think about our new addition to the retail hardware family!
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@dasha_sivkov This is awesome! I use Shopify and love everything about it. This makes it even better.
@sameerkat thank you! This is why we do what we do, for folks like you =)
@dasha_sivkov Wow! Amazing product and marketing. Well done.
@nathancroth Thanks!! Hope you're doing well :)
The all-new Shopify Chip & Swipe card readers are now shipping and can be ordered online! 😍 (Available in the US only for now)
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@robjama when do expect UK distribution?
@sam_cholera We currently don't have an ETA for if or when the reader will be available in the UK. Feedback like this is valuable, will pass on to our product team! Currently we have our Tap, Chip and Swipe card reader that is available in the UK, be sure to check it out here: (http://bit.ly/2whRlgO)!
We just got our reader and it's awesome! The packaging was really clean and the build quality of the reader itself is great. Nicely done!
@chinaschau Enjoy and happy selling!
Ooooh! This is a big expansion for Shopify which has traditionally focused on online sales, now competing with Square and POS providers.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! Excited to be investing in retail heavily. Last year 65,000 of our merchants used Shopify POS.
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any ETA for Canada ?
@elyesbenmrad We're exploring the best way to support in-person payments in markets like Canada. Today, we offer a swipe credit card reader as well as our Shopify POS + Moneris integration which supports chip, tap, and Interac on our Canadian hardware store.
@dasha_sivkov aren't a Canadian company? Why not support Canada from the start?
@carl_shaver We want to support Interac as part of a Canadian solution, which brings its own set of challenges. We are exploring how to bring Shopify hardware to Canada.