LiveChat Product Cards for Shopify let you browse your store’s offers in the LiveChat Agent App and send product recommendations to your customers in the chat window. Every card consists of an image, a description, and a link to your store’s page.
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Hi Hunters! I'm happy to share with you our latest development - LiveChat Product Cards for Shopify. We created this feature to help business owners provide better customer experience via LiveChat. Product Cards allow you to look for your store's offers within the LiveChat Agent App using filters (a store's name, product name, category), upload up to 10 product recommendations and send them to visitors on chat. In effect, customers see your products in the chat window and can jump to the product page without leaving the conversation. This speeds up the shopping process and helps to improve customer satisfaction. To get Product Cards for Shopify, you need to subscribe to LiveChat. The good news is that the integration with Shopify is free. Hope you like the cards 🙂 And, of course, I would love to hear what you think about them!
Love the carousel format for products! Would love if the product could automate recommendations from user-selected categories.
@lachlankirkwood thanks for the feedback! That's great idea and guess what? We already have this (automated product recommendations) on our roadmap 😎Could you explain a little more how do you see this feature in action?
@quarties It'd be great if users could select from a list of categories within the chat, then be shown a list of relevant products.
@lachlankirkwood thanks for sharing that - do you mean some kind of categories filter? Because this feature is already implemented - if Product Cards widget detects more than one category (collection) in your Shopify store, then categories filter shows up. It's a dropdown list, that allows you to choose as many categories as you want - products that are assigned to at least one category choosen via the filter will show up :-)
Seems like a useful product but I didn’t understand the line ‘integration with Shopify is free’. Why would anyone pay for integration?
@faisal_hassanx well, there are some softwares that charge additionally for integrations with external services. LiveChat provides over 100 integrations for free 😎