Shopify Ping

Chat with customers & get help with marketing in one app

Shopify Ping is a free iOS app for Shopify merchants that brings together customer conversations, marketing workflows, and more in a single place on your phone.

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We are excited to launch Shopify Ping, a free mobile iOS app for Shopify merchants that brings together customer conversations, marketing workflows, and more in a single interface. Our team built Shopify Ping to help busy entrepreneurs focus on the the part of their business that matters most: their customers. Shopify Ping pulls from the messaging apps entrepreneurs already use to bring all their customer conversations into a single mobile app, making it easier to respond to questions and build relationships with customers even when they’re on the go. Messages from Facebook Messenger, Chatkit, and more to follow soon, come together for easy, centralized, efficient management in the Shopify Ping app. Shopify Ping also comes with Kit, a built-in assistant that’s always with you. Kit saves store owners time by running Facebook and Instagram ads, email campaigns, retargeting campaigns, and more on their behalf, all through simple conversations. With Shopify Ping, business owners will spend less time shuffling between separate tools and more time on what matters most: serving their customers and growing their business. Shopify Ping is now available for download on iOS. Check it out and let us know what you think!
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@iamdunne Hi Ellen, thanks for the exciting update! I was wondering... On we use Intercome with automated messages. F.e. on a search result page, we have a 'chat popup' asking if someone found what they're looking for. Are these types of pro-active messages also supported? It looks like it's more of a 'catcher' of different sources.
Really excited for this! Customer communication is still one of the hardest things to manage on the go, with multiple channels requiring multiple tools. One question, will Ping integrate with email support as well?
@nscmnto Hey Bruno - glad to hear you're excited about Shopify Ping! To answer your question: Yes! Shopify Ping will integrate with email support through at launch, with more email partners coming soon after.
@iamdunne will this be launched on Android as well?
@kevinharrell Hi Kevin - Shopify Ping will launch on iOS this summer, with Android coming soon after.
@iamdunne awesome! Congrats on the launch and keep up the good work!
Ellen in which countries is available Shopify Ping?
@fmourelle It will be available in English in all countries when it launches this summer!
Congrats to my friends at @Shopify. Yes- it's similar in concept to Intercom but Shopify never stops innovating and this is a natural extension to the KIT acquisition from a few years ago.
It's cool, wait for it