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I still use Shopify in Safari on iOS because of the fact that I can create and manage promo codes within... That is really the only thing I am missing out on in the Mobile app. Especially since I'm managing Facebook Ads, Instagram Giveaways and promos, etc. all on the go!
@brody_berson I love hearing about feature requests like this. Very critical to both early stage and well established shops, because promo codes are the best form of marketing. Message received 👌
@carson_ I second the need for discounts editing in the mobile app. This is huge.
Hi everyone! Carson Brown, Product Manager for the new Shopify app, here. I thought I'd post here for a bit of Q&A if you've got any questions about our new app. We launched it this morning after some months of development. It's been a great experience for the team, a mix of amazing mobile designers, seasoned iOS and Android developers, some folks coming from a Rails background developing on mobile for the first time, and a bunch of extremely talented interns. The app is built from the ground up as two fully native projects, but our iOS and Android teams work very closely together (beyond just sitting in the same room). Happy to answer any questions you might have about how these apps are built. This is the first release of a whole new kind of store management product for us. The new app will grow to house more and more of the capabilities merchants need to manage their whole Shopify store, as we look to serve mobile-only users.
@carson_ Nice work! Few random product questions/issues from a store owner (on my second store, using online and POS, expanding to more retail locations Q4 2016/Q1 2017.) As my business grows, the limited access feature has really helped give people like retail employees and outside contractors just the right amount of access... but the "limits" are still super broad and can be confusing - for instance if you restrict product access so that employees don't change variants or inventory the wrong way... they can't refresh the POS on iOS. Would love super fine tuned access or even tiers of access for employees. Would love to control what's advertised to employees as well on the backend. For instance... if they don't have access to adding a "buy bottom" ... would love them to see more relevant content. If would even be great to be able to control what messages get seen by employees... such as an Asana integration. Also... search... the CMS platform that Shopify created for blogging was too limited and slowed down creating content for my team. So we added a WP blog and have it on a subdomain. Would love to be able to add ONLY that subdomain to search. Currently search is really limited to products, tags, collections, etc... with the only other option being outside apps and hacks. This style of search makes a lot of sense in the new app bc it's mobile, but not so much for our customers. Also, is there a better way to filter product searches on the new app based on known filters such as vendor and tags? The color pallet totally changed with the new app - is this a big Shopify change and something we'll see across the board or a way to differentiate mobile?
Thanks @gooderdle ! I hear you about limited staff access. We're really looking to improve this going forward with better staff roles and merchants like you are who we want to help. The good news I can share is that this app is a step in that direction, limited users are also limited in this mobile app, but we have more to do. I'm afraid my context about search is limited to the store management side. It would be really neat to allow non-Shopify content to be searchable on the online store for sure! We're working on unifying the brand in future updates across the company. We wanted something very drastic in this new app, and the subtly transforming gradient was an effect the team really fell in love with.
@carson_ This looks fantastic...I'm just now using you guys, and so far the experience has been incredible and I was wondering about mobile this I'm gearing up to move from teespring to you guys.
We've run Shopify for over three years and for all three of those the mobile app has been sub par. Today is a great step forward and I will no longer have to open chrome on iOS to see critical data. I still would like to see a more detailed breakdown of order data, such as referring link, etc.
Great stuff! I found myself using the old Shopify app just for notifications. In the past I would always check everything on the full web dashboard. New app will definitely deliver more of the info at a glance.