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#5 Product of the WeekDecember 12, 2019
What’s inside:
✍️ Prioritization for Impossible Decisions
😁 Delighting Customers in Margin-Enhancing Ways
🏃‍♀️ Why Customers Come Back
🤝 Product & Design Partnership
🔎 Overview of ML for PMs
🤖 AI for Fun and Profit
📈Grow to 100 Million Users
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16 Reviews5.0/5
Hi Hunters! 👋 One year ago, my team launched the first volume of Ship It, a Product Management tell-all book that highlighted the strategies used by Product leaders in Silicon Valley. We knew this would be a powerful tool for Product Managers at all stages of their careers. What we didn’t know was just how positive the feedback would be: #1 Product of the Week #4 Product of the Month Nominated for Founder Book – Golden Kitty Awards 2018 32,345 downloads from Product Managers around the world. That’s why today we are introducing Ship It - 2nd Edition. You'll receive untapped access to everything from a new Product Prioritization technique to strategies used by Google PM to grow their product to 100 million users. Thanks to the Product experts that contributed: Gibson Biddle (Netflix), Joris Van Mens (Google), Mariano Capezzani (HSBC), Rubén Lozano (Google), Abigail Hart Gray (Google), Satya Singh (Expedia), and Jason Nichols (Walmart). This is not just a book, but a guide into the dynamic future of Product Management. Give it a read, put the advice into practice! Happy Holidays Hunters! 🎄
Not getting the email back :/
Hi @dimakiskostas can you double check your spam folder?
@villaumbrosia I did. Not there either :/
@dimakiskostas Same. Tried multiple times now.
Also not getting the email. Checked my spam folder.
Oh it's free, nice!
@kraftykyle it's free wisdom. Hope you enjoy it!
Thanks alot PH.