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This📘contains compiled secrets from Slack, Facebook, Reddit, Square and more:

💡Lead Through Influence

💥Product-Market Fit

💰Why FinTech Matters

🤩Unleash Your Inner Leader

📈The Metric That Matters

💪User Research to Empower

🔬Culture of Experimentation

💯Crack the PM Interview

📚Lessons from Managing Products

🗿Evolution of the PM Career

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    Take it from the best minds in the industry


    not really

    Product School is quite unique in delivering high quality content outside its courses so people who are not even enrolled can still get tons of advice and access to webinars and many other content pieces.

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    great companies and advisors



    I like the logos in the book and the people behind them.

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Hey product people, I'm thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new book: "Ship it: Silicon Valley Product Managers Reveal All". The book is free for everyone and available on Product School's website. Each of the 10 chapters draws on the wisdom of product leaders from top Silicon Valley companies like Slack, Square, Facebook, Airbnb, Dropbox, Reddit, Optimizely and Robinhood. The theme of this book is understanding: Understanding your customers through research and data, understanding your industry, and understanding yourself. For people who already have our other books (The Product Book and Launch), you’ll find all new insights from PMs at the top of their game. After reading this book, you'll understand how to make informed decisions, how to lead with integrity, how to grow your product career, and how to hire the right PMs for your team. I can't wait to hear what you think!
@villaumbrosia the book is great and covers a lot of themes, but doesnt seem to break new ground. Nonetheless, v.useful for those trying to get into product management
Since I'm involved in Project Management myself for more than a decade now I can connect to some of the problems and settings described in the book. I was incredibly invested in the business case examples. One particular topic where the author could have provided some more in-depth explanation is that of Targeting Customers. How exactly should businesses ( especially new businesses) identify & subsequently target customers. Apart from that, I like this book and I think the author has handled the subject perfectly.
@dsarkar Hi D Sarkar - Thank you for the feedback! Our team will be creating more content focused on Targeting Customers! Check our blog for fresh weekly content >> and we are glad you enjoyed the book! 💥
@dsarkar You may want to look into ODI and Market Opportunity Navigator, for those two things.
@andupotorac Thanks Andu. I will take a look.
The Product Leaders who contributed chapters to this book are true champions. Some give super practical concrete advice. If you're in this situation, here's exactly what you do. Others prefer to focus on the principles. The attitudes, guidelines and ideas that will guide you to make the best decisions in a range of circumstances. All totally knocked it out of the park!
The PDF download link sent to my mailbox is not working, it links me to the book cover photo()
@jpequod Hey, John! That's odd? I just downloaded it as PDF and it worked fine. Can you try again?
@jpequod Hi John, do you have the book? We fixed the bug hours ago. But here's the link just in case -> - DM me if you need anything else!
I gave my email id to get a copy of the book but didnt receive the copy
@villaumbrosia thanks! it is working now :)
@danzirkelbach i just tried and it is working fine now! thanks :)
Feedback for the landing page: it's not obvious what I'm signing up for. I got the email to get the free book but then when I landed on the site, there's a form to enter my email address again, with a "submit" option. Made me feel like I was signing up for another mailing list. If the messaging on the page or the button had a more descriptive CTA, that might help. Eager to check out the book, thanks for making it!
@kaz thanks for your feedback! We're looking into it right now