SHINE for reddit

Experience reddit in a whole new way (chrome extension)

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Woah this is beautiful. CC: @alexisohanian
My current reddit strategy: 1) Hold cmd 2) Click anything linked to Imgur 3) Keep clicking until I can't read the title bar in my browser's tabs 4) Indulge @kwdinc created an epic collection of reddit products a few weeks ago.
@rrhoover try Hover Zoom ( It changed both my reddit strategy and my life.
@kwdinc @rrhoover I used to think was the best but this is pretty amazing.
@kwdinc @rrhoover @zacdavies huge fan of RES. If you're there to view images, it's a godsend. I wish there was a mode for text articles in it which could somehow produce a summary like those news summary bots. Allowing me to easily decide if I want to invest time to read an article.
@kwdinc @rrhoover @zacdavies It's amazing how robust RES is. They have so many powerful features that other platforms have either overlooked or (more likely) chosen to not include. One of my favorite features is the custom alerts around search terms. I wish this existed on Product Hunt so I could follow specific industries/verticals/use-cases/etc....
SHINE remodels the Reddit experience by bringing focus to what matters most…the content. You can access all your favorite reddit-ness with two incredible views.
It's pretty cool, but there needs to be a link to subreddits.
Very cool - I've been using the Reddit Enhancement Suite for the past year but this might be a quality replacement. Going to give it a test run and see how the experience differs.. Great hunt!