Dating app with only one man available to date, Shed Simove

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Reminds me of the viral app, Ethan, a messaging app to talk to Ethan (the creator of the app).
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@rrhoover Yes love that, Ryan! Brilliant idea - clever, simple and well executed. I wonder if he got any dates from his app!
@rrhoover This and Ethan. What if people start making their own dating apps, all about themselves. Like, Bob's Tinder. Crazy.
@wirddin maybe that's the future, ur own app for everything πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
@shellehs Thank you so much Alamo xxxx
Hey @shedsimove, please make an app for @nassaraf. #Nander
@quan .... Says a married man. ;) But I do second the request, @shedsimove!
@nassaraf Thanks Naomi! xxxx
@quan @nassaraf Ha ha! Cheers Hong xxxx
Are you thinking of white-labelling this for others to set up their own? What made you come up with this? I think I heard about it on the radio a few weeks ago...
@bentossell Thanks Ben! I didn't have much luck with traditional or untraditional (!) dating platforms. So, my whole life has been about thinking differently, and I decided that instead of being one fish out there, I'd see if I could create my own pond. Now I'm the Big Fish by default! I built Shinder as a web app at so there's no friction in terms of searching for it, downloading it and installing it. The app has been getting some attention (see below) and people have asked me to white label it. I think it's a funny idea - you would have 'Binder'! Any coders who'd like to collaborate on a White Label version, please get in touch! I'd love you to feature Shinder in one of your newsletters. The press pack is here: ​ - and just tweet me or email me if you need more info. Thank you for being SO amazing! You deserve every drop of your exciting and impressive success. Shed xx SOME SHINDER COVERAGE Capital FM Radio Interview- ​
First of all, this is hilariously awesome. Congrats on the app. But an FYI, watch out for Tinder getting weird about the name. They sued a dating app last year named 3nder (thrinder) for copying its likeness and name. Good luck, though! Hope you meet some great women/men/whatever you're looking for.
@thebig3c Ha ha! Thanks Chad! I'm currently heterosexual so I'm looking for Shinderella! And I don't think Tinder will go after me, as my app isn't really a direct competition to theirs. If they do, please bail me out of jail... xxx
Well that's one way to get a date