Guide your users through a tour of your app.

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A javascript library for guiding users through your app. Checkout Sidekick ,Hopscotch hunted earlier. Walkme ,Iridize , Tourmyapp and Bootstrap Tour also help you to create in-app walkthroughs to guide your users.
Are there any tour toolkits that work with native mobile apps?
@kwdinc err, i meant more like a product tour, a la an EDU introducing the basics of your mobile app. TourSphere appears to be an app platform for tours of physical spaces
@kwdinc I'm a little confused :) isn't an app for creating tours of physical places (I just checked them out). And Shepherd a framework to create a tour of a digital product ? Am just wondering if I understand both correctly!
@e7mac @ak yea , sorry!. Will post here if i find anything similar for mobile!
@zackbloom should be joining the conversation soon.
Just what I needed, perfect timing! Any reason to choose Shepherd over something like JQuery Joyride? Aside from the fact that the latter needs JQuery of course, which I'm using anyway. Thanks!
@iorahul Shepherd is built on Tether [1], which means all of the edge cases of what happens when the browser is resized, etc. work out of the box. [1]
@zackbloom Right, I noticed. Alright, I'm in, we'll implement it today! Thanks Zack!
@iorahul Thanks for trying us out! Another advantage of Shepherd is its themes use the `em` unit for typography (meaning type will size itself proportionally to the site it’s added to). Hopefully this means it looks better on your site. ;)
@adamfschwartz Cool! Quick question, is there a built-in way to implement a "skip" button, in case the user doesn't care about the walkthrough and wants to just get going? Couldn't find it in docs. Thanks.
@iorahul You can set `showCancelLink: true` which will show a × link in the top right corner of every step. This is implemented on the home page [1] and mentioned in the docs [2]. In addition, since you can hook into `active`/`inactive` events on any `Tour` instance, you can use this to add/remove a global cancel link—in say the top-right corner of the whole page. This is in fact how HubSpot uses Shepherd in its product [3]. [1] [2] [3]
What about a custom way to recall the tour? Many users I observed skip tours, but then look for a way to re-trigger them once they are a little familiar with the website.
@urbanturbanguy Absolutely! You can add a button anywhere you want and call `tour.start()` in a click handler. Check out the docs [1] for more information. [1]