Shepard Fairey AR exhibition

Art exhibition by Shepard Fairey, in which you walk using AR

It’s been nearly 10 years since Shepard Fairey’s last solo exhibition in his hometown of Los Angeles and the iconic HOPE imagery he created for then Presidential candidate Barack Obama. Now Shepard Fairey's work has been transformed into a virtual reality experience. experience his most ambitious show to date, aptly titled DAMAGED.

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Hi, at Talespin we worked with VR't Ventures to make this VR and AR app with artwork from Shepard Fairey. The app is free right now, so be sure to check it out. I'm particularly proud of the AR controls we used in the app. Holding your phone in your hand and just walking through the real world makes you walk inside the photo realistic virtual exhibition. I hope you get to try it out and leave a comment.
Very cool, @ericdiepeveen. @Damjanski made something similar called MoMAR.