AR gallery within the MoMA + open source

Welcome to MoMAR. A gallery concept aimed at democratizing physical exhibition spaces, museums, and the curation of art within them. MoMAR is non-profit, non-owned, and exists in the absence of any privatized structures. MoMAR uses Augmented Reality to overlay art onto existing artwork and frames housed in museums and gallery spaces around t world.

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You're constantly releasing wacky, experimental projects, @damjanksi. Did MoMA get mad? πŸ˜‚
@damjanksi @rrhoover <3 Not so far :) and this will drive more people into the MoMA - so they shouldn't.
@damjanksi @rrhoover @damjanski did it drive more people into MoMA?
@damjanksi @rrhoover @lotus_flower yes it did - we're still having steady download numbers and are even giving out private tours :) if you're around lmk
@damjanksi @rrhoover @damjanski Unfortunately I currently live in the UK, and writting a dissertation abt AR and I am considering using MoMAR gallery as a case study! Would you be interested for an interview?
@damjanksi @rrhoover @lotus_flower totally just shot me an email - looking forward to it!
Hi @damjanski what are some of your favorite exhibitions with overlays we should look out for?
@ems_hodge I think all the 8 pieces are really great. Come over to the MoMAR and check them out :)
We've also made this project open source: It's the first iteration of a set of instructions to give people the power to show their work in any physical exhibition space around the world. This will be an ongoing process because we want to keep it as simple as possible - so we'll update it probably a lot. In the beginning we thought to just put the code on Github but then we realized that even Github is already a hurdle. Our goal is that even people who can't code can use these instructions to create their gallery.
Awesome platform for emerging artists to get their MoMA presence :)
@leifthunder <3 Koons and his friends are also welcome to use it πŸ˜‚
Great platform that makes you question the very core of what art is and how it exists within our society.