Sheets by Google

Excel powered with automation and collaboration features.

Hey Hunters!!!

Google launched major update for Google Sheets with the addition of "Macro" feature. It will not only increase productivity of teams using G Suite but it will also enhance the automation in the Google Sheets.

For those who are not using Google Sheets here are the features offered by Google Sheets:

1. Sharing for enhanced collaboration

2. Chat during editing

3. Data import from variety of sources like XML, HTML, RSS and CSV

4. Connect with housands of online apps using tools like Zapier for automation

5. Data visualization tools

6. Work anywhere, anytime

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10 Reviews5.0/5
What are the pros of using Excel over Google Sheets at this point? I'm failing to see many.
@karlnislow I guess if your Infosec doesn't allow for "unsecured confidential online data"??? There really aren't that many.
@jonathanlaniado Interesting, curious what you mean by that?
@karlnislow Well, I worked at a company last year whose Info. & Security department did not allow Google Sheets to be used organization-wide. They claimed it wasn't secure enough for our confidential data to be uploaded on there.
@jonathanlaniado That's interesting. Just researched a bit. It seems like it has to do with how data at rest is secured in each system. Additionally, it appears Excel has more failsafe options using multi-sheet encryption.
@karlnislow Speed. Only thing I ever really run to Excel for is spreadsheets with 400k+ rows. 😅 I also use Numbers from time to time because of the nice charting defaults and mobile friendly UI
excel google really liked for the possibility of working with tables on the Internet.
So, macros are called automation here?
Great job!! Will check it out 😊