Edit Hubspot, Postgres, and Stripe data via spreadsheet UI
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Do you use Dropbase?
What is Dropbase?
Bring together data from across your databases, web apps, and APIs to easily make edits via a simple spreadsheet UI. Dropbase is a Unified Data Editor (UDE) that connects to wherever your production data lives and lets you safely and collaboratively edit it, via a centralized spreadsheet interface.

Dropbase tech stack

We're aware of 6 technologies that Dropbase is built with. Dropbase utilizes products like Intercom, Webflow in their tech stack

Recent launches

Dropbase 2.0
Dropbase helps you import data from complex and messy CSV and Excel files to a fully-featured SQL database, with automatic column mapping, error highlighting, and data validation/cleaning. Database setup and hosting included; no technical help required.
Dropbase 2.0 image
Dropbase helps you bring offline files, such as CSV, Excel, and JSON files into a live database. Import files. Process and clean up data using a spreadsheet interface or by writing custom code. Export to a live database or generate REST APIs with 1 click.
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