Access your Google Sheets from where you are

SheetAside is Chrome Extension. It allows you to access your Google Sheets from any tab, with a right-click. Can be used for manual leads collecting, research, and vocabulary building.

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OK... I was in love with this at the very sound of it... But it seems the plugin is broken right now...! @ilya_libin are you working on an update on this one? I would love to try this one out & frankly, this type of a tool has been log overdue.... Believe me when I say this - this solves so many problems!!!
@thepvmk thanks for the report. I am aware of a bug. It’s going to be an easy fix. Will update you once it done.
@ilya_libin Looking forward man! And would love to be part of the project in any capacity....
👋 PH community, I am Ilya, and I am a maker of SheetAside. I've built this extension, so I can do my research and collect information without constant tab switching. This version is raw, but it already helps me to do a job. How does it work? 1. Once you install the extension, right-click on the document. 2. Select "Open SheetAside" in a context menu. 3. The right panel of an extension will appear. Sign in with your Google Account. 4. Create a new document. 5. Insert rows from any tab! I decided to post it here, to get a feedback and some more ideas from PH's creative and talented community. I'm here for any questions! Hope you enjoy and find this app helpful!

I love how it makes saving data easier.


Very convenient


Couldn't find any

Standing ovation 👏🏻👏🏻 I’m so happy as-Iwanted to use something like this At times it’s becomes annoying for people like me to switch tabs constantly to do my work , oh I wished that this extension integrated with Airtable and Excel , would suggest this for my work hope to try my hands on the suggested tools 😊
@ayush_chandra Great to hear that you’ve found it useful! Airtable can be integrated I think. Let’s talk on private
@ilya_libin sure 😊 please pass your mail Id as there is no direct message option
@ayush_chandra Just to make sure that you see my email. Because on the iPhone app it parsed out for some reason.