1350+ icons, illustrations exportable to SVG, React & Lottie

#3 Product of the DayOctober 03, 2019
Shape lets you customize the style, colors and border of static & animated icons and illustrations. You can export to React, SVG and Lottie code.
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Hi PH! We spent a full year working on 1350+ animated and static icons, illustrations that can be customized and exported to code inside an editor we built from scratch! This project started from a Hackathon. We wanted to build our own library of icons, but it quickly grew into animated assets that can be used with React, Lottie and SVG. We have preset colors and UI templates so that can fit any branding regardless of your experience with visual design. Every shape is layered and the illustrations are broken down into objects for those more experienced. Only for early supporters, we’re reducing the price to $50 for a Lifetime access. As we grow the library, the price will increase. We plan to add a ton more icons and illustrations and bring many features, inc GIF support, a native app and design tool plugins. Meng
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Just purchased this. Looks promising. Great job.
@prasanna_mestha Whoa. THANK YOU! We're going to keep adding a ton of assets thanks to our early supporters! <3
This looks like the best implementation of an icon and illustration package/always-growing-tool that I have seen. And I use Nucleo! I've been a fan of yours, @mengto, for a while now, and this is great! Buying now.
@joshgood518 It's awesome to be compared to Nucleo! We're trying to bring our own flavors, like support for illustrations and animations + plugins. Thank you for supporting our development!
Great work! I can see the amount of work and effort was put into this. Congrats!
@mshra_ji It was a huge team effort. We'll continue to add a lot of content!
This looks great! And it's backed by @Meng? Bonus!