Shake SDK

Plug 'n' play bug reporting tool for your app

Your app users can now report their problems in seconds! Shake SDK then automatically supplements those reports with a ton of data you will love (user's OS, device, steps to reproduce, network requests, logs, permissions...) so you can fix 'em 50✕ faster 😍
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@benln thanks for hunting us! Heya Product Hunt, Peter is here, the founder of Shake. 🤬 PROBLEM — You're an app developer and spend 4 or more hours each week debugging? — You're a QA engineer and reporting bugs is a manual process that takes tiiiiime? Each time you have to describe steps to reproduce the bug, which device you're using, which OS and build version you’re on etc. — Do you want to (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ when people report you bugs like “I can't log in” with a screenshot... Are you really supposed to fix a bug with only that info? — Your production users don't have a no-brainer way to report you bugs, confusing UX they come across, glitches they see, typos and their feedback? ⚡ AUTOMATED SOLUTION A free lightweight SDK that you plug into your app. Done. Next time your testers/users want to report a bug, they do that in *seconds* just by shaking their phone, without ever leaving your app. ✨ MAGIC All those reports arrive to your Dashboard *automatically* supplemented with EVERYTHING: reporter's OS, device, build version, memory and storage status, their location, history of their taps prior to reporting the bug, all network requests & responses with timestamps, their WiFi details, app memory and storage details, device orientation, their screen resolution, permissions they've granted (or not!) etc. 📱 BELLS AND WHISTLES — Use our Docs to customize Shake to *automatically* attach *any* custom variable or file to a report: testers' username and password, users' settings, order status, venue ID or whatever you need for your particular app to fix bugs FAST — Customize invocation from a shaking gesture to pretty much *anything* — You don't have to use Shake web Dashboard at all. Just forward all reports directly to your Jira project for example. Or get a Slack message when a new report arrives. — Chat in real time with your entire team below every report — How many teammates can you invite for free? ∞ — Multiworkspace: Switch between multiple private teams easily. — Whitelabel the SDK with your colors and your logo. For free. — SDK works seamlessly in poor/no connectivity situations, i.e. in subways, on planes and in the Grand Canyon 💸 EXCLUSIVE OFFER a) First of all, you can stay on our Free forever plan. or b) If you want to upgrade (thanks for supporting us!) apply the discount code ANNUALHUNTER during checkout to upgrade to the Premium plan for $19/app/mo instead of $124/app/mo. ❤️ QUESTIONS? PLEASE! Sharing our tool publicly today is the first step on a long road ahead. Questions and constructive criticism would be really appreciated, so please go on:
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Looks slick. I'm curious how it compares to Instabug. 🤔
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@rrhoover what a pleasure it is to have you over in this comment section! Thanks for asking. Here’s roughly what you get with Shake SDK and don’t usually get with other similar products: ❤️ We've decided to give every single app developer out there a *free-forever plan* with all the features *included*: Steps to reproduce, Jira Slack and all integrations, logs, file attachments, you name it. Instabug doesn't provide that. 🐛 Even if you pay $124/mo for Instabug -> they still limit you to 100 bugs/mo. In Shake you have *no limits*. ✨ Shake SDK can be *properly and nicely* whitelabeled: set your perfect orange #CC4D29 color, upload your cat logo and your slogan. It'll truly feel like a part of your app. 📱 Lighter SDK - *smaller footprint* on your app size 🔍 In Shake SDK testers can *inspect the bug right there on their phone*, no need to even upload it. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 You're a team player and we love that! So go on and *invite your 5 or 35 teammates to collaborate with you inside Shake* for free. (On top of all other costs, Instabug then charges you $25/mo extra for every friend you invite. That adds up quickly too.) 😎 In Shake you can be a member of *multiple workspaces, just like in Slack*. One account - multiple teams. Easily switch between your private freelance projects VS. your company workspace for example. To do that in Instabug, you'd have to sign out and then sign in with a different email account. 💵 And then just for Hunters, *Shake Premium is $19/mo*. Instabug starts at 6 times that and then goes up. We'll happily accept all of you! Hope this helps.
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Shake is a great help to easily and seamlessly report issues in our mobile app. It's simple to use and provides all the information we need to debug an issue.
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Thanks for the nice words @lueticm, and big thanks for using Shake during our closed beta too. That was fun 😂
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Since implementing Shake, we've had users literally calling us to tell us how excited they are about the "new bug reporting feature". This sort of stuff really takes us to the next level in the eyes of the users, and gives us deeper insights into users' problems in real time.
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Oh stop it @bradleypoulette, you're making us blush. I'm *honestly happy* your users love it, that's why we do all of this. So, here's to us. May you squash all the bugs and implement all the user feedback you receive in years to come!
We are using Shake SDK in all our apps and we love it!❤️❤️
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@ante_baus and we love *you*. Desktop notifications when new bugs/comments arrive are being developed as we speak, thanks for asking for those the other day. Please keep sending us your feedbacks and wishes, we're on a never-ending mission to build a perfect product for all our users.