Set your status in Slack

A new way to let teammates know what you’re up to

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Ayesha Bose
@ayeshabose_ · Product, Slack
Hi Product Hunt! I’m Ayesha, a PM at Slack. We’re excited to release Custom Status today! :tada: You can now set your status to let your team know when you’re available or when you’re not. Choose from a default status for common scenarios where you’re away, or create a custom status with the perfect emoji for anything else you want your team to know. Head… See more
Veronica Belmont
@veronica · Destroyer of Worlds (and PM at Growbot)
This is awesome, kind of reminds me of the old school AIM away messages! 😆 Our team is thinking of using them for when we need to be in "deep work" and can't be disturbed. Are there plans to actually use custom away messages to prevent users from sending notifications to someone who has a certain status enabled?
Phillip Yang
Love this release. Excited to try it out!
Brendan O'Neil
@brendan_o · Sales and Partnerships at Robin
So happy to see this launch! Our team was super happy to see it go live. Very polished from the start, clearly a lot of thought went into it. I know we had submitted some feedback in the past for something like this, what were some of the challenges your team ran into when designing the feature?