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A new way to let teammates know what you’re up to

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Hi Product Hunt! I’m Ayesha, a PM at Slack. We’re excited to release Custom Status today! :tada: You can now set your status to let your team know when you’re available or when you’re not. Choose from a default status for common scenarios where you’re away, or create a custom status with the perfect emoji for anything else you want your team to know. Heading out to lunch? Drop a :taco: in your status and let your team know you’ll be back in an hour. On vacation? Update your status so you can truly unplug knowing people aren’t trying to reach you while you’re out. We’re also releasing a Custom Status API so apps can update your status based on activity in other products. Zenefits and Meekan already integrate with the API and sync your status so people know when you’re out of the office or in a meeting. We’ll also automatically update your status to show whenever you’re on a voice or video call in Slack. The whole team is here to answer any questions or just share our favorite statuses - ask us anything!
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This is awesome, kind of reminds me of the old school AIM away messages! 😆 Our team is thinking of using them for when we need to be in "deep work" and can't be disturbed. Are there plans to actually use custom away messages to prevent users from sending notifications to someone who has a certain status enabled?
@veronica Totally agree with your point on it reminding you of the old school AIM away messages. I really like this update. It's as you said, instead of "away" you can have a more relevant message. Plus, I was always a fan of AIM back in the day 😂
@veronica Thanks! We're thinking about ways to let you tie your Do Not Disturb settings to your Custom Status, we'll continue iterating on this. You can always set your status (maybe :headphones: Focusing!) and manually toggle your DND for now - but we'll think about this some more!
Love this release. Excited to try it out!
@geekyyang Thanks Phillip! We really enjoyed working on it. Let us know if you'd like to see something to it!
So happy to see this launch! Our team was super happy to see it go live. Very polished from the start, clearly a lot of thought went into it. I know we had submitted some feedback in the past for something like this, what were some of the challenges your team ran into when designing the feature?
@brendan_o Thanks! As a front-end engineer who worked on the feature, I can tell you we gave a lot of thought to how we'd surface people’s statuses and how much information to share within specific contexts. When you’re busy talking in the channel, we tuck the full status behind the emoji status indicator so you can focus on what’s important. When you need to reach out to someone specifically, you’ll see the full status (in a direct message, in their profile card, in the quickswitcher, etc).
@aarcher it really is awesome, especially the quick switcher 🙏. Appreciate the reply!