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How is it different from Hotjar?
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@realmahadev That’s a great question.. Hotjar is a very good tool and provides Qualitative insights on how changes on your landing pages/website affect key metrics. But it doesn’t help you make the changes on your website to improve the conversion rate. Zarget being an All-in-One CRO tool provides key metrics and also helps you to optimize the pages and maximize the conversions. Please take a look at this page to understand how are we different from Hotjar in terms of the features - https://zarget.com/hotjaralterna... However, I’d recommend you to signup for a FREE trial in both the tools and see which one suits your requirements.. If you need any help in setting up, feel free to shoot an email to support@zarget.com
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Thanks for the hunt Kevin!! We are really excited to be launching Session Replay in our All-in-One CRO tool. And here’s the reason on why you should give Zarget a try - A logical place for anyone to start analyzing their website is to find out why visitors are not converting, not subscribing, not performing the actions that you intended them to do. Let’s say you wanted to investigate why your visitors abandon the checkout process. You can start off with creating a funnel with all the possible steps. Zarget’s funnel will give you an immediate visual insight on where visitors drop-off from the website. With Session Replay, you can watch the sessions that drop-off in each step of the funnel. And to give attention to useful sessions, you can load up click/hover heatmaps and check the elements that the visitors are intrigued by, but don’t interact with. With this, you will get a fair idea on a leaky step from different angles. And make use of Polls & Feedback to understand what your website visitors think about your website, and to fix their problems, run an A/B test and optimize the pages. Does this sound interesting? It did for us. That’s the reason we built an All-in-One CRO tool to satisfy all these needs :) Give it a go and let us know your thoughts! https://zarget.com/ph/session-re...
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The same feature has Yandex metrics. What are your advantages?
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@kostyarypta Good question! Actually 3-4 more pop up in my mind.
Thanks for the question @dreamture @kostyarypta * Security - Your data is sacrosanct for us. The data collected from your visitors are stored with enterprise level security. (Yandex Metrica uses the data collected from the visitors for its own processes, which is a cardinal sin for us) * Data Privacy - We automatically detect the credit card fields & other sensitive fields. As a user, you are in control of your data. We empower the users to specify which pages or sections of the pages to be collected or not. * Automatic Bot Detection - We detect the traffic from many notorious bots and spare your time from viewing those sessions * What Visitors See Is What You see - Our superior recording and replay technology allows the users to replay the page and have the same experience of the visitors (Yandex Metrica replays it in an iFrame, which not all the websites allow) * Targeting - You can specify which segment of visitors you want to target and record sessions only for that. If you want to understand the behavior of users coming from specific campaigns, it can be done in very few clicks. * Support for single page apps - We don’t have any restrictions on the size of the webpage’s code (Yandex Metrica insists that the size of page’s code should not exceed 185 KB). Sign up and give it a try. I am sure you will be convinced 😃 . Let us know your thoughts.
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@santhoshguru @dreamture @kostyarypta 1. Security - Why should I trust you? And for this data.. lot's of plugins/statistics systems/browser extensions are collecting data nowadays. So this argument is not as good as you think 2. Data Privacy - Metrica does this too 3. Bot detection - Metrica does this better then you - I'm sure, know how their antibot really works and there experience is significant in such topics. 4. WVSIWYS - You are wrong here. They load proxied version in iframe and Metrica 2.0 behaves even more better in this way, so no problems with any sites 5. Targeting - in Metrica you can segment all users by lots of attributes including your custom parameters, goals and other things. So your argument is weak here too. 6. Metrica 2.0 works fine with SPA. And of course, if your page code is large like 185KB - that's actually terrible for usability. Weak argument number 6. Guys, I'm not working in Yandex, but your arguments are so weak... Hope you find your niche before Yandex goes international and your possible clients switch to it. Several years ago I tried making the same product but for recording user behavior including eye tracking. The reason why I stopped this product is that world doesn't require any more tools like that. Usability testing with eyetrackers require big knowledge and experience which site owners usually don't have. You made yet another usability statistics tool. But you don't offer site owners real simple instruments of improving their websites. It still requires lots of skills from them. And in fact it's not so cool as your competitors. That's my opinion. You may not like it, but anyway, good luck to you )
@bethrezen Thanks for your opinion. The response we have received from our customers during our Early Access Phase (pre-beta) is phenomenal, that's why we pushed for an early beta release of Session Replay. We are a conversion optimization platform providing integrated tools to help marketers and product managers. Our focus is to help the users get their jobs done effectively, rather than being cool. Anyways, thanks a lot for your detailed feedback. All the best.
Another great addition to a great product, keep up the good work!
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@_robertstockley Thanks a lot, Robert.
We use FullStory for this. How does this compare, @contactnaveen?
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@rrhoover Thanks for asking Ryan. We also like FullStory as many things are nicely done. However, it is a tool specialized only for vistor’s session replay. Zarget not only helps you to understand user’s behaviour but also makes you experiment changes, measure conversion and improve it. So a Digital Marketer or a Product Manager striving to improve the conversion can do the changes, get instant feedback and act upon it. We are working on tightly integrating session replay with the other modules including funnel analysis, heatmaps etc., This will help users identify the leaky steps and reduce the drop-off rate. Would be really happy if you could give Zarget a try and let me know your thoughts!
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@rrhoover @contactnaveen I've personally tried FullStory, Hotjar, Crazy Egg, VWO etc... and honestly, for startups to medium sized business that need an all-inclusive solution at an affordable rate, Zarget seems to be the winner so far! The main issue I had with Zarget initially was that they had a lot of bugs and they didn't have this session recording feature, so I switched back to the others. But now, although they still have some bugs, it's a bigger bang for your buck and totally worth implementing! Furthermore, I'm not sure if they will follow through with this or not, but I just received an excellent on-boarding experience. I sat on a long call with their client specialist Bhaskar , walking me through the whole implementation and more; and apparently, they will continue to provide phone support beyond these early stages at no extra cost. Lastly, I read the comment replies on here and Naveen's answers to things like the security blew me away, I'm definitely optimistic and as long as the list of bugs that I just reported get fixed, they have my vote!
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@contactnaveen Just got off the phone with one of your staff and was excited to get started with my site and client's sites, but the coupon for Product Hunt users only gave a small discount, when I inquired about it, I was notified that the 40% off is for the yearly subscriptions ( Arun didn't mention this in our initial chat when i inquired about it ) only.... can you guys make that clear on the landing page? Also, I was on the phone for an hour with Bhaskar providing a lot of feedback and bug report, he seems to be willing to help me out, waiting on the response still. Great work overall, read my other comment to this :) . Thanks!
@dilyaraskar @rrhoover Thank you so much Dilyar! Being a young startup, customers like you are really a motivational factor for us to take the product to completely new level.
@contactnaveen No problem! It's mutual love ;) I offered my full support when possible, so hit me up and keep me posted via intercom and such :) . Congrats on your Serious A funding and keep it up!