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Hi Guys, first of all thanks to @kwdinc for hunting us! ServiceDock is a customer experience platform for retail and service chains. ServiceDock makes it easy to capture structured feedback in physical locations using the messaging apps your customers already have on their phones. We then present the data in an intuitive dashboard that delivers crucial customer insights and enables you to follow-up with disgruntled customers in real-time. Overall ServiceDock helps you improve customer experience across your locations, build loyalty and increase sales. Feedback Module - capture feedback via messaging apps and our interactive web form; - benchmark performance across the group with location specific feedback; - follow-up with customers in real-time directly from within ServiceDock; and - identify training needs and other insights from our intuitive dashboard. Customer Service Module - provide customer service via messaging apps, social networks & web chat; - easily switch from public to private chats; - increase efficiency by up to 3X compared to phone support; and - drive sales with promotional messages sent during customer interactions. For more information please get in touch at info[at]
Superb product guys!
@neilkenny appreciate that!
I've watched the video and DemoCo seems to be a telecoms and communications company. I guess there are other use cases for this product... Who would you say is the ideal customer for this?
@neilkenny great question! We are targeting businesses who are not web centric and we see ServiceDock replacing the phone and email more than web chat. The ideal customers are those with physical products and/or locations who want to build digital relationships with customers (e.g. retail chains, car dealerships and hardware/subscription box startups). These companies want the customer to be able to interact easily with their product/service without being tied to a live chat and asynchronous messaging kicks ass in that regard. The real sweet spot are retail and service chains who place an emphasis on providing a consistently strong customer experience across their chain. Our feedback and service solutions have been developed with that challenge in particular in mind.
Great stuff ! Is there any Wordpress plugins which are stable and can it be helpful in reviewing websites?
@ayush_chandra hey Ayush, thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately, we do not have a Wordpress plug in at this time. Yes ServiceDock's feedback tool could be used to get feedback on a website. Get in touch if you need more information.
@redoisin could you share the coupons code for ph users
@ayush_chandra sure it's PH-50-12 for 50% off for the first year. Add it when you sign up and it will be applied when your free trial ends (no credit card required for the free trial)