360 degree Email Marketing Automation

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Hey @charlieirish thanks for hunting us down at PH :) pretty historic day to launch on Product Hunt. We are a 360 degree marketing automation platform for SAAS companies and professional bloggers. We help in converting visitors to customers ( using email capture / call to action widgets ), nurture / engage them using drip sequences / campaigns and do outbound prospecting using our drip sequences.
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Have been using sendx to reach out to our existing customers via drip campaigns. Works like a charms. Direct integration from blogs to email leads (widgets) to drip is killer.
@salilpa Thanks Salil :) You guys have helped us in improving the product by leaps and bounds !
Have been one of the early users of SendX. I love their drip sequence and how much flexibility they offer while creating a campaign- be it in terms of personalisation tags, tracking emails, creating buckets etc. Works really well for us @getomnify πŸ‘
@kabandisaikia @getomnify We love you guys equally if not more :) thanks again for helping us make the simple yet beautiful email marketing automation software for SAAS companies / professional bloggers.
BTW, we just added new cool widgets to our App. Visit and experience one on the top!
Super useful platform. You guys are filing a gap between Marketing Automation tools and Email Campaign tools. Congrats on being hunted πŸ‘
Thanks @manik_me :)